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For thousands of years, gold has been a vital part of economic life throughout many cultures. If we look at gold as a kind of asset, it tends to be particularly attractive in times of economic uncertainty and political instability. One of the latest examples confirming this trend is the increase in the gold reserves of the Russian Federation up to historic highs, in lights of the external economic uncertainty and volatility of the currency markets.

There are many reasons to buy gold, and these reasons can be divided into two separate categories. One category can be defined as "eternal" reason to buy gold: the advantages of buying remain relevant, no matter what else is happening in the global economy. In addition to gold, there are other precious metals, which are considered sound investment, in particular silver, platinum, and palladium.

The second category includes factors that are specific to the current economic situation. For example, when the price of gold is increasing rapidly, and such a trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future, this is an obvious reason to buy gold.

We have compiled a list of the top five reasons to buy gold. It should be noted that this list is a combination of both "eternal" reason and reason based on what is happening in the world right now. In general, this list provides a fair evaluation of why buying gold is a good investment of capital. It should also be noted that, while many of these reasons are relevant for investment in gold in any form, we want to draw attention to the benefits of the acquisition of physical gold and other precious metals:

  • Protection from the negative effects of the economic downturn
  • Ease of purchase
  • Full independence from the banking system
  • High demand exceeding production levels
  • Diversification of the investment portfolio

Given all of the above advantages, we can say that investing in precious metals is an attractive investment for businessmen and wealthy individuals. For this reason, our company has developed a new service for the purchase of precious metals and their allocation for storage in Switzerland. By taking advantage of this offer, our customers get the opportunity to quickly and easily invest their capital in one of the most sought-after assets in the world and place them for storage in the safe and secure vault in Switzerland.