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The merchant account to enforce a successful e-business is to be able to provide to existing or potential clients the option to pay for their purchases On-Line (via Internet Secure Connections) with their credit cards.

PPB INC LTD & Arnos Limited offers new business solutions to increase the affectivity of your e-business — Merchant account, which will allow to receive the payments on-line for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Your business will work for you independently on a bank working hours.

Merchant account is to be your unique number of account within the system of payments, which allows receiving the payments on-line with credit card. Bank, opening a Merchant account, gives permission to transfer the funds to your account in case of using the credit cards by the customers on paying your goods and services.

Within the site «Products» you will able to choose that Merchant account which most closely meets the requirements of your business.

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