Cyprus company relocation to another jurisdiction

Due to the current difficult situation in Cyprus, we offer you a new topical product - change of jurisdiction for your company.

We will be happy to help you relocate your company to the following jurisdictions:
- the Netherlands,
- Hong Kong,
- Latvia,
- Malta.

This relocation will not affect the performance of the company, as the company's accounts, contracts and assets will not be affected by the change of jurisdiction, that is, by changing the jurisdiction the functionality of the company is not infringed on any of the stages of the process. Relocation of your company to another jurisdiction will give you full advantage of all the privileges, including taxes, of the chosen country.

If you are interested in relocating your company to another jurisdiction or would like to get more information about this process, please contact us any way convenient for you. Our specialists will answer all your questions and help you choose the most appropriate jurisdiction for the activities of your company.