Data safety software - PGP

For confidentiality reasons the list of ready companies is sent via e-mail, encrypted by PGP.

For information safety, we recommend file and e-mail encryption with PGP.
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) - is an encryption system with a key which is in 2 parts, the open and the secret key.

To use PGP, it is necessary to exchange the open part of the key.

Necessary steps to install and encrypt information with the PGP:

Setup  PGP
Creation of your pair of keys
Key export
Key import
E-mail encryption
File encryption
File decryption

1.  PGP setup

  • Download PGP 7.03 [~ 8 Mb], form your server or  PGPserverI
  • Unzip "" using "WinZIP" or other software.
  • Open the programm file "PGP freeware 7.03.exe"
  • Term and condition agreement "NEXT"
  • Start setup (Instal) - click "NEXT"
  • To the question "do you have existing keyrings you wish to use" - at first setup click " no" - and then click "NEXT"
  • Choose of components PGP - mark:
          PGP Key Managment
          PGP Plugin for Microsoft Outlook
  • Restart your computer. After reloading on the right corner (near to the clock) you will see a small grey lock  - "PGP tray". By opening this icon you can have fast access to all major functions of PGP.

2. Creating your pair of keys

  • Click "PGP tray" and choose and click "PGP keys"
  • Click - "Generate new keypair"
  • Input your name and password in English
  • Automatically a pair of keys will be generated and then click "NEXT". In the window "PGP keys" You will see all the accessible keys (yours included)

3. Key export

In order to send to us an encrypted letter, we have to exchange our keys:

  • Open the programm "PGP keys" and select your key.
  • Choose "Keys-Export" and save the key on the disk as file with extension .asc
  • Send us this file as attachment via e-maill, using address book and our e-mail


4.Key import

After receiving our e-mail with our key

  • Save our key on your disk
  • Open the programm "PGP keys" and click on"Keys-Import"

Working with  PGP

5. E-mail encryption

  • Select the needed text and save it in the buffer using CTRL+C
  • Click on "PGP tray" and choose "Clipboard-Encrypt"
  • You will be able to see all accessible keys - click twice " Petros Valko<>" and then click OK
  • Open "Outlook (Express)" / New Mail and click (Paste) or (CTRL+V)
  • Send the message to our E-mail

6.File encryption

  • Choose the file you would like to encrypted, click the right button of the mouse and choose from the menu "PGP-Encrypt"
  • Choose our key  - Petros Valko<>
  • The encrypted file will appear in the same folder with a lock.
  • Open "Outlook (Express)" and send us an E-mail with the encrypted file as attachment.

7. Decryption

  • After receiving the encrypted message from us, copy the needed fragment in the buffer using CTRL+C
  • Click on the lock "PGP tray" and choose and click "Clipboard-Decrypt & Verify"
  • Input your password
  • A Text Viewer will appear
  • After reading the text you can save it- Select the needed text using your mouse and copy it in the buffer using "Copy to Clipboard" or (CTRL+C), open MS-word, choose "Paste" or click (CTRL+V) and save the new file on the disk.