Company registration in the UAE
Company registration in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is currently one of the top locations for business and investment in the world, ranking 9th in the international competitiveness rating IMD 2020. Not only is it strategically located as a bridge between Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa, its ever-innovating government wisely uses this natural advantage for attraction of foreign investment by continuously improving its infrastructure, investment policies and customer relations making it an optimal gateway to a large and open market of well-established trading links.

UAE is currently the third largest transport hub in the world with 5 major airports, 12 fully equipped maritime ports, multi-lane superhighways and hundreds of proficient logistic companies operating with outstanding efficiency.

What’s more the UAE can pride itself with political and economic stability, supported by renowned rating agencies such as Fitch Ratings and S&P and enhanced by an impressively low-crime rate, and an impeccable tax and immigration system. Over the years, the local government has made impressive progress to advance and diversify the country’s economy away from the oil industry and into other profitable fields such as tourism, agriculture, IT and alternative energy, solidifying financial stability and attracting a steady but controlled flow of specialized experts migrating to the country to reinforce the professional and skilled workforce that the UAE is renowned for.

When it comes to the corporate and financial sectors, the UAE, in our opinion, is a global leader in terms of efficiency, confidentiality, tax advantage and value for money opportunities offered.

Company formation in the UAE as well corporate maintenance, business setup and immigrational support for employees and investors is tailored and simplified to accommodate foreign entrepreneurs. The UAE offers diversified corporate structures and packages in various emirates, and free zones to suit almost any type of business model.

Moreover, The UAE began developing the infrastructure to support the economic presence of businesses over a decade ago, long before other jurisdictions began considering it. Registration packages include a wide range of customized and affordable solutions including fully equipped offices, commercial and industrial premises and land and the possibility of obtaining visas for employees and investors making the UAE one of the most profitable places to do business in terms of cost and management efficiency.

Similarly, the sophisticated banking system offers financial and monetary stability, outstanding service, strict confidentiality policies and ease of operation. The government of the United Arab Emirates has a consistent long commitment to liberal economic policies, built on the basis of leading-edge technologies and comprehensive regulatory systems, with no exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers.

Moreover, resident businesses based and/or operating in the UAE can benefit from the double taxation treaties which the UAE has signed with over 115 countries worldwide.

VK LAW CONSULTANCY FZ-LLC, which is part of ARNOS group, is a licensed registered agent for RAK International Corporate Centre (RAKICC) and RAK Free Trade Zone (RAKEZ) that specializes on company formation and administration in the United Arab Emirates. Our firm can offer cost-effective solutions that combine the advantages of both zones in order to achieve appropriate configuration for your particular business needs. Most importantly, our experts can offer invaluable advice relating to the specifics and particularities of doing business in an Islamic country with insight into the local mentality, as well as assist you with preparing a precise compliance portfolio for bank account opening in a reputable bank and satisfy the local substance and reporting requirements.


  • Re-domiciliation in under one week
  • 100% ownership without the requirement of a UAE sponsor
  • Access to English Common law through the DIFC courts
  • Confidentiality and asset protection
  • Will registration and succession planning
  • Residence permit holders are not subject to automatic exchange of information
  • Investors and employees can obtain a residence permit in just 5 days
  • Zero personal income tax and favourable corporate tax regime
  • No capital gains, wealth or inheritance tax
  • Tax residence certificates for legal entities and individuals
  • OECD white list jurisdiction
  • Practical implementation of the requirements for the economic presence of companies
  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness of company formation and management.

Contact us today, and we will gladly introduce you to the remarkable opportunities that the United Arab Emirates can offer you and your business.

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