Contract law
Contract law

A contract in its simplest definition is a binding document between at least two parties where the rights and duties of each party is provided for.  A contract, thus, is legally enforceable and irrevocable without mutual agreement under the provisions of the law.  Professional legal contract drafting is a crucial step for safeguarding the rights and interests of all parties involved as it builds an essential foundation for any business or professional relationship.  If properly drafted, a contract carefully outlines the duties, liabilities, terms and conditions of each party and provides a solid basis for preliminary negotiations between parties prior to the commencement of any mutual transaction or agreement thus avoiding any misunderstandings or disagreements in the future.  Furthermore, a professionally drafted contract provides guarantees for the client on the following:

  • No contract in writing is void or unenforceable by reason only that it is not under seal, this means that once a party enters into a contract, they are bound by it.  The extent to which the contract will be void is when the contract has not been signed by either one of the parties involved;
  • A written contract is evidentiary, in that it can be used as evidence in court where a party forfeits their obligation under a contract.  Therefore, the aggrieved party can be able to get the necessary remedies that are guaranteed under the law;
  • A party in a contract is guaranteed equitable remedies once they enter into a written contract.

At Arnos we always stress that at the heart of every successful business is a well-written contract. Therefore, we stive to help our clients with their ongoing commercial transactions by safeguarding strategically developed provisions within their international business contracts and agreements. Our firm specializes in providing personalized legal services for companies and individuals alike including day-to-day support, legal advice and assistance with negotiating any corporate or commercial contract.  Our qualified contract lawyers can prepare and review any form of legal document that will not only guarantee protection under the law but will be tailor made to the specific circumstances and requirements of our clients and their company at a very competitive rate and a reasonable turnaround time.

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