Financial statements and reporting
Financial statements and reporting

Many jurisdictions require companies to prepare and submit audited financial statements to the authorities as a compulsory regulatory requirement.  More so, audited financial statements may be required for a number of other reasons which include investment, company dissolution or by financial institutions not only when applying for loans or credit facilities but also for account opening or as part of their annual compliance review, regardless of the jurisdiction and its requirement to prepare audited financial statements by law. 

Often audit is confused with the preparation of financial statements, in fact they are independent of one another.   The financial statements of the company are prepared by the directors based on the accounting records of the company and the auditor’s job is to examine those financial statements and express an opinion as to whether or not management has presented a ‘true and fair’ view of a company’s financial performance.  A full audit conducted in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) is the most credible and thorough financial analysis that can be produced and as such it is important that it is done by a knowledgeable and reputable independent auditor.   Our firm only cooperates with experienced and reputable auditors and can engage leading auditors on behalf of your company at very competitive rates, adding value and credibility to your business, the compliance of your company and you as its beneficial owner.  

Moreover, to minimize your audit fees and to ensure that your financial statements are correctly prepared for audit assessment, our qualified accounting team can undertake the handling all your company’s financials.  Our accountants can manage and keep record of all your banking transactions, review, assess and if needed draft your supporting documentation, prepare management accounts, budgets, balance sheets and most importantly take on the task of the Board of Directors in preparing the financial statements and all the accompanying financial documentation flawlessly ready for presentation to the auditor.  Experience shows that poor company governance and unprofessionally prepared financial statements result in time-taking and expensive audit procedures, which in turn lead to delays in submission to authorities, unnecessary penalties and compliance issues.  We at Arnos Ltd, make sure that companies that are managed by our firm are not only fully compliant with all the current regulatory requirements and deadlines but also by administering a complete spectrum of services in-house we ensure that your entire corporate structure is failproof, secure and entirely confidential.

For more information, contact our accounting department today, and our experienced team will assist you with the construction of your financial statements, provide you with all the bookkeeping services you require and answer any queries you may have on an international level.

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