New Corporate Taxation Rules for UAE Free Zones
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New Corporate Taxation Rules for UAE Free Zones

The UAE government and the Ministry of Finance have announced long-awaited clarifications regarding the taxation rules for companies operating in Free Zones.

Please find below the brief summary of the updates, to get a clearer understanding of what to expect and how you UAE-based business may be affected.

Tax Rates:

  • 0% tax on qualifying income
  • 9% tax on non-qualifying income

Qualifying Income Includes:

  • Earnings from transactions with other free zone entities (excluding income from "excluded activities")
  • Income from non-free zone entities related to "qualifying activities"
  • Additional income that meets de minimis requirements

 “Excluded Activities” Include:

  • Individual dealings
  • Regulated financial operations
  • Intellectual property
  • Property ownership (with certain exceptions)

Qualifying Activities Include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Securities ownership
  • Vessel operation
  • Regulated reinsurance
  • Fund/wealth management

The de minimis requirements are considered met if the non-qualifying income does not exceed 5% of the total income or AED 5,000,000, whichever is lower.

Non-Qualifying Income:

  • Exceeds 5% of total income or AED 5,000,000
  • Derived from excluded activities or non-qualifying activities with non-free zone entities

 Entities failing to meet qualifying conditions will be subject to a 9% tax rate for a minimum of five years.

Tax, Accounting and Consulting Services:

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