Company registration in other regions
Company registration in other regions

If a European company is not for you, our firm can offer an extensive choice of jurisdictions for those looking for something different. Depending on the objectives and activity of your business our firm can help you select the ultimate jurisdiction for your company’s foundation.

Many international jurisdictions offer cheap formation and maintenance costs, enhanced privacy and confidentiality as well as low to zero tax rates for foreign investors which can be an excellent and efficient solution for asset holding structures, online service companies and inheritance planning.

However, it is worth noting that one must be very cautious when selecting a country for your company formation. The current tendency of blacklisting one or another jurisdiction by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) due to non-compliance of the standards of transparency and exchange of information, can put your business at a major risk of not being able to open a bank account in a reputable financial institution and harm the reputation of your entity with your counterparties and potential investors. It is also important to keep in mind that many popular jurisdictions, that were once known as having minimal reporting and physical presence requirements have now enacted strict Acts and legislations for legal entities registered in their jurisdiction and may now require that companies maintain physical offices, employees and expenditure in the country. This can become very expensive and counterproductive for the company owners and management as most of these jurisdictions are fairly small in size and lack the proper infrastructure and qualified labor force to accommodate these demands.

The considerations that need to be taken into account when setting up a new company can seem unapproachable, especially when considering a new international market. The timeframes, processes and requirements for forming a new corporate structure or restructuring an existing one can differ significantly from country to country. Arnos, is here to help you navigate the complexity and facilitate the process of compliance, bank account opening, office lease, employee registrations and any other formalities that your business may require. Our professional team includes experienced lawyers, company secretaries, accountants and corporate advisors who are well acquainted with local laws and regulations, speak the required language, maintain reputable relationships with the local regulatory authorities and are familiar with the cultural particularities in your jurisdiction of choice. Contact our consultants today and we will gladly guide you through the entire procedure and provide you with a tailor made and cost-effective solution for your enterprise.

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