Opening a bank account in Belize
Opening a bank account in Belize

Belize is a growing international jurisdiction for holding and investment companies. Due to the rise of corporate demand, the banking sector has also seen a steady growth and Belize has now become one of the most popular banking jurisdictions in North America. The banking system in the country has famed itself for offering high quality services with competitively low rates and initial deposits, increased confidentiality and fund protection protocols as well as the 24% liquidity ratio requirement. Local banks are also required by law to maintain very high reserves which can provide invaluable peace of mind and stability for its account holders. The local currency is also directly pegged to the US Dollar and as such is less prone to drastic currency inflations.

In terms of privacy, the government of Belize and the local banking regulations have enacted very stringent requirements for protection of customer data information and enforces very hefty fines and imprisonment sentences for violation. More so, a Belize LLC cannot be subject to any foreign judgments or claims, that would be recognized or enacted by the local legal system, which provides an additional security for the company’s funds held in a local financial institution. However, although these may be very prominent factors in favor of Belize banking, especially for locally based businesses, it is also important to consider the possible limitations. Due to the country’s reputation of a tax-haven, Belize account holders may find it difficult to successfully conduct significant business transactions. Many well-established businesses and large global financial institutions alike, may be alarmed and hesitant to engage into serious professional relationships with an enterprise holding a bank account in Belize due to fear of possible money-laundering or illegitimate source of funds often associated with offshore jurisdictions. This certainly does not mean that such transactions are not possible for a transparent reputable business, but they will most definitely be subject to heightened compliance controls, enhanced transaction monitoring and substance enquiries. Furthermore, due to the small size of the country and its population, it is inevitable that there is a deficiency in qualified and skilled personnel with a clear understanding of complex business structures and therefore certain transaction issues as well as bank account opening procedures can take a very long time to be resolved.

When it comes to bank choice, Belize has a fairly limited selection compared to other larger jurisdictions. The leading banks are currently: Caye International Bank Limited, Belize Bank International Limited, Choice Bank Limited, Heritage International Bank & Trust Limited and Market Street Bank Limited. These banks are all equipped to cater to international and local clients including corporate and individual banking. It is worth noting, however, that when it comes to investment management, multi-currency accounts and complex financial instruments, the options in Belize are quite limited. If your banking needs fall beyond the scope of standard commercial transactions, our knowledgeable experts can help you find the ultimate cost-effective solutions no matter how complex or diversified the request. 

At Arnos, we acknowledge that a healthy bank account is an invaluable asset of any business and strive to help our clients make the right choice of financial institution from the very start. We have helped hundreds of clients to tackle their banking difficulties and have assisted them with the preparation of a fail-proof compliance and substance portfolio - essential for the facilitation of a smooth bank account opening and maintenance, regardless of the country or financial institution.

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