Bank account opening
Bank account opening

Opening and managing a bank account with today’s ever-changing regulations can be a stressful and time-consuming process for even the smallest of businesses not to mention the scrutiny that accompanies high volume and substantial turnover account holders.  Even the most proper and legitimate of businesses can be denied account opening, if they do not satisfy the bank’s document requirements and lack proper substance.  In fact, the account opening process has become so difficult, that today, owning and maintaining a healthy bank account is considered an indispensable asset for any company that adds value and credibility to any business.

Our banking experts are always well informed on the Central Bank requirements of the jurisdictions that we work with and always strive to develop our knowledge to expand our jurisdiction portfolio.  Most importantly over years of experience our specialists have established close and trustworthy relationships with bank managers and operators, allowing to slightly ease the verification and screening process for our clients.  Moreover, knowing the precise document requirements in advance and securing a fast communication with the bank is critical for preventing delays in transaction processing and maintaining an overall stress-free banking experience for any successful business. 

We strongly believe that building the right compliance portfolio and business profile from the start is key when opening a bank account and avoiding future issues with blocked funds, missing documentation and never-ending bank enquiries.  Our firm has the tools to assist you with building this portfolio, setting up the proper substance and financial reporting for your business as well as draft and review your contracts and offer strong legal support, if the need arises. Do not leave your banking experience to chance, Contact our Corporate team and a specialized compliance officer will help to make this process simple and organized.

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