Transfer, mergers and re-domiciliation
Transfer, mergers and re-domiciliation

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”  


When your business needs an immediate change, it may be difficult to make the first step towards the change.  At, Arnos we are equipped to offer all the support and guidance you require to improve your business whether it be by change of administration, a company merge or the transfer of an existing enterprise to another more favorable jurisdiction.   Years of experience of working with multiple countries, registered agents and governmental authorities has allowed us to evaluate the best and worst of each jurisdiction and adopt this diversified knowledge to suit each particular business model.  At Arnos, we do not believe in standardized solutions and take an individual approach to each client.  Prior to making a suggestion, we carefully study the particularities of the business, take into account the activity, size and goals of each enterprise and strive to find the best possible solution in order to optimize and maximize the revenue and ease of administration of your business without compromising on legality and compliance.

Transfer of administration

The firm that handles the administration of your company is of utmost importance.  Their competence, confidentiality and punctuality are just some of the key factors that ensure the smooth management and compliance of your business.  At Arnos, we take a very serious and professional approach to the management of every single company we undertake.  Our firm has dedicated departments that handle each aspect of the company’s maintenance including accounting, secretarial services, legal support and tax assessment all monitored and double checked by senior staff members in order to make sure error-free efficiency in every service we offer.  We believe that confidentiality and client trust are fundamental for a successful partnership and therefore enforce very strict and secure policies aimed for the absolute protection of clientele.

If you chose to transfer your company under our administration or simply wish to change the registered agent of your entity in a foreign jurisdiction, our firm can handle the entire process, offer legal support when needed and ensure that all confidentiality protocols and documents are signed upon transfer.  We will also carefully examine the company file for its status on any government filling requirements and make sure that no crucial company documents are missing or lost, which could potentially be very difficult to recover in the future.

Corporate Mergers 

A company merge is a very serious legal and financial transaction and should be handled with absolute care and attention.  Regardless of the reason and the type of merge, it is crucial that all parties involved are fully aware of the entire history, background and possible liabilities of their potential partners in order to avoid conflicts in the future.  Our firm can help you by conducting a detailed investigation and due diligence report along with constructive legal and tax opinions that will inform you about any potential risks as well as benefits that can accompany such a big business decision.  Moreover, our experts can offer invaluable advice on the best way to handle the transaction, prepare all the legal documentation and offer support throughout the process, always ensuring that your rights are protected and end-goals secured.  Our legal team is fully qualified to draw up an analytical business plan for any merger or acquisition as well as a post-merger integration strategy that will ensure that your newly formed business partnership will grow and prosper.

Company Re-domiciliation

There are many reasons why one would want to change the jurisdiction under which their company operates, especially in today’s everchanging regulatory framework and economic instability.   The major advantage of re-domiciliation as opposed to company wind-up and new incorporation is the benefit of continuity.   If the company’s Articles of Association and countries of origin and transfer allow for it, a company can simply change its legal address and jurisdiction under the laws of which it is governed in a simple process whilst maintaining its legal identity, name, date of registration and financial history without interrupting the flow of its business activities.   However, it is important to note that despite the fact that the actual re-domiciliation is a straightforward procedure, there are many steps and considerations that need to be taken into account when changing the jurisdiction of your business.   Firstly, and most importantly is the choice of the right jurisdiction for your business model and target market.  With today’s strict substance requirements, it is crucial that this choice is made not solely on the tax incentives and administrational benefits offered by a particular country but also on its infrastructure and ability of potentially becoming the foundation and headquarters of your enterprise.  Once you have decided on the most suitable jurisdiction, it is imperative to make sure that post transfer, all the necessary steps are taken to deregister your company from the Register of Companies and tax registry of the country of origin in order to avoid possible liabilities and collisions between the legal and tax systems of the two countries in question.  Last but not least it is essential to inform any counterparties, financial institutions and service providers of the change, provide a new solid due diligence portfolio and ensure that all ensuing company documentation and contracts state the new details of the company.

Our firm is highly experienced in company re-domiciliation and can assist with the entire process, offer legal support when it is required, advise you on the best possible jurisdiction for your business as well help you with setting up a solid substance and compliance portfolio. 

Contact us today and let us help you find a better solution for your business! 

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