10-Year ‘Golden Visa’ for Dubai Property Investors
10-Year ‘Golden Visa’ for Dubai Property Investors

A 10-year ‘Golden Visa’ for property investors is a new residence option introduced by the UAE government for high-net-worth individuals.

Apart from the 10-year validity, the additional advantages of obtaining this type of residency include:

  • Extended stay outside the UAE (i.e. there’s no limit on how long you can stay abroad)
  • Favourable sponsorship rights (you can sponsor your spouse, parents and unmarried children for the same 10-year period; you can also sponsor up to 3 housemaids and drivers)
  • Right to work (holders of this type of visa may work in any company in Dubai, provided that MOHRE permission is obtained)

 The key requirement for getting a 10-Year ‘Golden Visa’ as a Property Investor is investing a minimum of 2 million AED in Dubai real estate.

With no annual property tax, income tax, capital gains tax, rental revenue tax, or Value Added Tax (VAT), Dubai is the most investor-friendly destination with higher property yields than London and New York, so there are basically no downsides.

Please contact us to learn more about eligibility, application procedures, costs and timeframes for this visa type, or for other investor visas available in the UAE.

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