Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme
Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme

First introduced in 2021 and included in the governmental ‘Strategy for Attracting Businesses’, the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme is an innovative alternative to regular work permits – and a great chance for as many as 500 location-independent specialists to work remotely from the comfort of sun-soaked Cyprus.

This specific visa programme is aimed at talented individuals and entrepreneurs who would like to take advantage of all the benefits of living on the island, while working for companies that operate outside the country.

Who can benefit from the Scheme?

The beneficiaries for the Digital Nomad Visa are third-country (non-EU or non-EEA) nationals who:

- Work remotely using information and telecommunications technology,

- Are employed by a company registered abroad, for which they can work location-independently, or are self-employed offering services remotely for clients located abroad,

- Can prove that they have stable and sufficient monthly net income of at least €3500 to support their living in Cyprus. 

It should be noted that the initial limit of 100 applications was increased in 2022 to 500.

What are the benefits?

Holders of the Digital Nomad Visa will enjoy:

- Right of residence for a year in Cyprus, with a possibility of renewal for further two years,

- Right of residence for family members, for the same period (without the right to be employed in Cyprus),

- Right to obtain tax residency in Cyprus, provided they reside in the Republic for over 183 days within the same tax year and are not tax residents in any other country (those that spend less than 184 days in Cyprus but over 60 days, can still be considered Cyprus tax residents, as long as they meet some additional criteria – please contact us for more info).

Procedures and Timelines

If eligible, an applicant should submit the relevant application within 3 months of arrival (or at any time, if already legally residing in Cyprus under a different status).

The time of examination is typically between 5 – 7 weeks.

A first temporary residence permit is issued with a validity of one year. In case of renewal, the temporary residence permit is issued with a validity of up to two years.

Applications can be submitted personally or through an authorised representative – please contact us to learn more or schedule a free consultation.

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