Company registration in Ras Al Khaimah: the RAK premium product
Company registration in Ras Al Khaimah: the RAK premium product

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is not only one of the leading business destinations in the United Arab Emirates, its economic and political stability has been top-ranked by credit rating agencies such as S&P and Fitch Ratings, and it was the first city in the world to be pronounced safe by the international certification body Bureau Veritas. Nonetheless, despite its unquestionable security, it is also the most industrialized emirate in the UAE with state-of-the-art infrastructure, technologically advanced facilities, impeccable services and a pool of opportunities for investment. This combination of protection and progress make Ras Al Khaimah the perfect jurisdiction for business set up which offers incomparable solutions for development and asset protection.

The RAK Premium product is a two-for-one solution specifically designed to give investors a cost effective and customizable solution that takes advantage of the asset protection and estate planning benefits offered by the RAKICC International Business Company and the flexibility and efficiency of an operational free zone subsidiary offered by RAKEZ incorporated under one umbrella, one formation and maintenance cost and most importantly in one seamless process.

This type of structure will benefit from the offshore features of an International Business Company without limitation on global trade while maintaining real economic substance from operations and physical presence in the UAE as well as the superiority of also having the access to the rich local market, if the need ever occurs. With this product and proper corporate administration, the business structure can retain zero taxation and take advantage of the tax treaties signed with over 100 countries worldwide, without fear of being challenged by foreign tax authorities, allowing profits to be better used for development and growth of your enterprise.

By opting for the Premium Product, investors and managers can also effortlessly obtain employment residency permits in the UAE for themselves and their employees, therefore effectively managing expenses, employment and the tax planning of the company as well as securing the economic substance foundation for their business. This also gives investors the possibility to move their families to the UAE and take advantage of the safety and stability that the country offers all the whilst enjoying the incredibly advanced infrastructure, with modern facilities, high quality yet affordable housing, shopping malls, endless entertainment venues, premier educational institutions and advanced medical centers.

Furthermore, the Premium Product provides the opportunity for efficient and protected global asset management and effective inheritance and succession planning for family wealth, simultaneously with running the business, via the RAKICC. While its RAKEZ subsidiary grants the opportunity to enrich this wealth portfolio with investment in real estate property in the UAE whether it be bought or leased. The property market in UAE is limitless, from extremely affordable flexi-desks and apartments to luxury buildings with inclusive surveillance, concierge and cleaning services and of course acres of land available for development of any business or residential projects. Whatever your business or personal goals are and regardless of the size of your budget – the all-inclusive Premium Product has you covered.

The list of advantages and benefits of a business based in the UAE is extensive which is why we chose to promote the United Arab Emirates as a key destination and effective solution for our clients’ business structures. Simple procedures and a wide array of tailor-made and affordable premium packages give the opportunity for business expansion and effective tax and investment planning.

Contact us today, and our corporate consultants will advise you how the UAE can benefit your business.

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