Legal opinions
Legal opinions

A legal opinion, also known as a barrister’s opinion or opinion letter can be described as a written statement made by a court of law, judicial officer or a legal practitioner regarding the legal status or implication of a certain condition, situation or action.  This statement can be in the form of an interpretation or analysis of a legal position upon which another individual can draw a conclusion on a particular undertaking that will have legal standing and be beneficial for that particular case and individual.   The relevance of a legal opinion is vast and broad and the content will vary depending on the legal issue the client might seek advice on.  One of the primary principles upon which the opinion is based is that every action, especially in relation to a business transaction has legal ramifications.  Thus, obtaining a legal opinion can provide the client with prior and essential knowledge regarding the lawfulness of a particular undertaking, warn about any possible liabilities as well as offer favorable solutions for a complex predicament.

Besides determining the legal impact of a commercial transaction, a legal opinion is an instrument through which the client's concerns and queries are addressed to the best of the legal expert's knowledge.  Unlike oral legal advice and consultancy which is equally valuable but primarily based on the lawyer’s experience, extensive research and practical guidance, a written legal opinion can provide a formal and detailed analysis of facts and evidence based on laws and regulations of a particular case or jurisdiction, guaranteeing accuracy and assurance for the client.

There are several reasons why obtaining a professional legal opinion may prove extremely beneficial and help provide clarity on a particular legal matter.  For example, when registering a new company or considering re-domiciliation to an unfamiliar jurisdiction, a legal opinion may provide indispensable insight on the foreign country’s legal terrain, its regulations for a particular business activity, tax regimes and annual requirements.   Similarly, an employer may wish to seek legal opinion on what behavior amounts to gross misconduct and the legal consequences of summarily dismissing an employee on the grounds of petty misconduct and without proper notice.  In such a case, a legal opinion may prove indispensable as it can inform the employer of all the possible legal implications and liabilities and provide guidance to the business owner on the correct steps that need to be undertaken to handle this issue in the best interest of the business.  Furthermore, a legal opinion can help highlight legal risks and liabilities of a particular business transaction or contract, it can help determine the legal steps that should be judiciously taken to avoid a potential lawsuit as well as evaluate the possibility of success in any ongoing legal proceedings.

We would like to stress that a legal opinion is a serious and influential document and therefore   must be cautiously obtained from a reputable legal firm.  A misleading legal opinion may entail severe risks and liability which may lead to economic loss, criminal or civil accountability, deportation, eviction, bankruptcy and violation of the law in general. At Arnos, we offer professional and well researched legal opinions drafted by experienced and knowledgeable lawyers that provide our clients with erudite and judicious advice on various legal issues with guaranteed veracity.  For more information, kindly contact our legal department and a legal advisor will confidentially address any queries you may have.

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